VeggieWorld 2020 - And we participated!

Exciting times we experienced  during these 2 days of the annual vegan and vegetarian fair taken place in Gleisdreieck –  Berlin. 

Besides 120 other exhibitors we presented us and our first 2 products  – SPIRUM° and IODIUM° – in a vibrant surrounding. With our fresh Spirulina Provider “Spireat”  we joined forces and the spot during the fait. The variation of small businesses developed around the vegan and vegetarian lifestyle is plenty – from tofu-fish-patties over fresh spirulina-risotto to the moon-cups – ideas to change human lifestyle and consumption grow big during the past years. 

Here we are – on the top of the New Era of concsiousness food and beverages, respecting mother esrth resources and human rights, creating a lobby free production and distribution of our products.