„Let food be your medicine“ (Hippocrates 400 BC)

The healing power of nutrition.

The first and most obvious role of nutrition is to support physical health.

It is a combination of foods’ multiple supporting roles that synergistically and unselfishly work together.

For that reason we must consider that quality of food is a basic need to preserve active principles.

That is why Aramen’s first goal was to find the best raw materials, sourced from all over the world.

Behind Aramen are:

– 5 certifications

– full traceability

– 20 years of research & experience

– ancient alchemical knowledge

For this purpose, Aramen’s created NU:TRA


Our innovative NU:TRA line is our way to help people become aware of what food they put in their bodies and to propose a holistic approach to health and life.

The gut is the production factory for about 90% of our bodyʼs serotonin levels and the brain produces only the remaining 10%. Since serotonin is a critical neurotransmitter / hormone that regulates moods, this relationship shows that nutrition reaches beyond brain and gut and structures itself. It plays a pivotal role in the connection of our moods and thoughts. The more nourished the brain and gut, the more productive therapy can be: therefore nutrition is not just our physical body‘s medicine, but also our mind‘s medicine for our thoughts, moods and beliefs.

NU:TRA is a substance that provides base nourishment essential for the maintenance of life and growth.

In the field of nutrition and diet, nutrients are more specific. In fact there are six specific major categories of nutrients, all of which are necessary to sustain life:

carbohydrates | proteins | fats | vitamins | minerals | water

Aramen’s NU:TRA line provides all the six fundamental nutrients in the following way:

  • low glycemic value CARBOHYDRATES, through our different kinds of brown and red seaweeds
  • PROTEINS through the best algaes Spirulina and Klamath – which have 50%  to 60% digestible proteins
  • FAT: algae and seaweeds donʼt contain saturated fats, rather push forward the reduction fat accumulation
  • VITAMINS – a lot of them: B1 | B2 | B3 | B6 | C | E | F | K | PP A (betacarotene) and a pseudovitamin B12 – in Klamat new studies are discovering the effective biodisposal of the 14 vitamins it has
  • MINERALS: all minerals present on Mother Earth , thought the big variety of different kinds of seaweeds and algae we use to prepare our nutrients.
  • WATER: we really give water a great importance – water is not the same in all places. Okinawa people, for example, live longer than everyone due to the water they have in the island. At Aramen we use a special filter to purify water before using it in our products. A filter that does not deprive water of itʼs good minerals

Finally, after this hard work, our objective is to make

the best seaweed drinks ever – AND WE DID IT!

                  Try the taste – the all fresh and aromatic taste – of our