Mindfully handcrafted, raw & unfiltered.
Made of certified organic ingredients.

An extraordinary addition to your everyday nutrition.

apple juice, elderberry juice, carrageenan (algae extract), fennel seed extract, apple puree, raspberry juice, alga kombu, blackcurrant juice

Apfelsaft, Holundersaft, Algen-Extrakt (Carragenaan), Fenchelsamen-Extrakt, Apfelpüree, Himbeersaft, Alga Kombu, Johannisbeersaft


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Certified organic. Vegan.

Has cleansing properties. We recommend drinking up to half a bottle per day for ideal effects.


NU:TRA IODIUM. Laminaria digitata, Chondrus crispus, Sambucus nigra, Vaccinium myrtillus, Rosa canina, and Feniculus vulgare Miller.

Each component explained:

Laminaria digitata may contribute to the reduction of sense of hunger, increase intestine mobility, maintain electrolyte balance and moderately control thyroid function.

Chondrus crispus – by containing carrageenan and agar, may support intestine and microbiome functions.

Sambucus nigra has shown to contain anti-inflammatory, antineuralgic, galactogogue, diaphoretic, and expectorating properties.

Vaccinium myrtillus may improve microcirculation function.

Rosa canina – due to the significant levels of vitamin C, carotenoids and some flavonoids (anthocyanosides) rosa canina contains, it may protect your blood vessels.

Feniculus vulgare Miller controls inflammation and liver function.


Natural sediment in the bottle may occur and is okay to drink. Best to lightly shake the bottle before opening.

Natürlicher Absatz am Boden der Flasche ist normal und kann bedenkenlos getrunken werden. Am besten vor dem Öffnen einmal leicht schütteln.


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