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MD Giuseppe Mammero


MD Giuseppe Mammero
Surgeon – Bologna University

Digestive system surgery specialist- Florence University

Advanced school in ultrasound diagnostics in internal medicine Bologna University Forensic and insurance specialist Ferrara University

Currently he deals with the diseases of the digestive system, in particular, the pathologies of the colon and small intestine, benign neoplasms, malignant neoplasms of the rectum colon and their risks factors, hereditary syndromes that predispose to cancer, the therapeutic and preventive approach of colorectal tumours and of inflammatory bowel diseases, with the aid of Oxygen Ozone therapy, when the indication is required. Bio nutrition has always been his parallel commitment.


Tiziana Ferretti

PH D Hindovedic Psychology – Ayurveda Specialty




From a spiritual path of self-healing, started through Anthroposophical medicine in 1994, immersed in a School of Naturopathy matchless application – Palatini Terme di Salzano – continued in depth

specific of the study of karmic laws with the Ayurvedic psychology, at Yorker University of N.Y., to the total dedication to BLONDING, deepened with the continuous research on ALGAE, marine and otherwise, lasting exactly 20 years, started on the Arann Islands, passing through the experience of natural healing.
“By studying algae I have cured myself, mine loved ones and those who were looking for a natural remedy for their discomfort psycho-physical-spiritual.
And despite the positive results, I kept going incredulous my research, to understand how it was
It is possible to self-heal by following this Street. Until I learned of the existence of a laboratory
of Trieste who carried out a blood test, called SENSITIVE CRYSTALLIZATION, designed by Rudolf Steiner with Dr. Pfeiffer in 1936 and I was inspired to submit IODIUM (at the time called Linealghe Cocktail) to this incredible test.
And I finally found the answers to what I had done: I had done a good and right thing!
(The laboratory response can be found in the section scientific)