There are numerous natural phenomena that are related to the movements of the moon. Such as tides, birth, meteorological events, women’s menstrual cycle and many more. 

Did you know the behavior of many animals depends on the position of the moon? Take for example birds – studies show that birds gather their nest material at specific moon times, so that their nests dry out quickly after rainfall. 

Also subject to rhythms of nature are cutting wood, cutting hair, doing laundry, cooking, eating, gardening, putting down fertilizer, the use of medicine and surgical operations

While surgical operations and doses of medicine administered on certain days can be helpful, they can be useless or even harmful on other days. Regardless of the medicine and quality or the skills of the doctor.

Plants and their components are exposed to different energies each day. The appropriate knowledge is crucial in cultivating, tending and harvesting crops as well as gathering herbs. By doing it right, the output can contain incomparably more active ingredients.

In short: the success of an endeavor not only depends on availability of the necessary skills and resources, but also decisively on the timing of the actions.