About us


ARAMEN was founded in 2003, although the research that stands behind our work began several decades before then.

Our main mission is to provide sustainable wellness opportunities through fresh and healthy seaweeds-based drinks – and soon also supplements.

All in harmony with the natural biorhythm.

The following are three key terms that capture the essence of ARAMEN:


Our name ARAMEN comes from the Aran Islands – a group of three islands, i.e., Inishmore, Inishmaan, and Inisheer, located at the mouth of Galway Bay. They are located on the west coast of Ireland – Barony of Aran, County of Galway – and world renowned for their extraordinary seaweeds.


ARAMEN produces healthy drinks and supplements, which’s main components are fresh seaweeds enriched with a combination of natural vegetable and fruit extracts. The final blend provides a specific combination of signaling molecules that are said to aid in the positive management of one’s health. And by this we mean our key biochemical pathways.


ARAMEN’s philosophy respects the biorhythms that govern the life cycle of living organisms. With this in mind, ARAMEN pays special attention to the moon cycles. Read more about it here

Our technology is focused on maximising the potential benefits of fresh, raw materials which warrant the optimal bioavailability of active nutrients.

As it is now, industrial food processing often leads to losing many biologically active principles of our foods. At ARAMEN, we protect said principles with utmost respect.


Quality and safety are two of the most important factors when it comes to choosing our raw materials and handling their further processing.

We mindfully source the highest quality ingredients: certified organic, potent and additive-free. We are very proud of our strict selection process.

Using only raw materials from circular econnomy provided by SPIREAT pure spirulina we control the enviromental impact: